Thursday, October 14, 2010


"But, now you want to desert me for... Jamie?" Morgan tsk-tsked. "Seriously, Lorna? Jamie Frame?"

"What's wrong with Jamie?" Lorna asked, no longer hesitating to sound defensive.

"Nothing. He's a nice enough, boring, old — "

"He's not that old!"

" — Old enough — guy. Look, don't get me wrong; I like Jamie. He seems to be a good father, a dutiful mama's boy, and he's a competent doctor — no me, of course, but then who is? On the other hand, he is totally and completely wrong for you."

"How do you figure?"

"He's old," Morgan repeated, in case she'd missed it the first time. "And boring."

"He looks at me," Lorna said softly. "Like he can't bear to let me out of his sight."

"Okay. So, he's old, boring and needy. When did that become your type?"


Morgan balks at letting Lorna off the hook, Donna proves her usefulness to Grant... to Marley's dismay, Alice attempts to bring Amanda back down to Earth, Cass makes a confession to Kevin, Jasmine upsets Lila's plans, while Lucas, Spencer and Carl take steps to protect their interests.

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