Thursday, October 21, 2010


Jamie informed Morgan, "Lorna told me about you two hooking up again after she'd left Bay City."

"She did?" Morgan's eyes widened. "Wow. That's a surprise. I thought we'd kind of taken a vow of silence around that entire misguided episode."

"Yeah, well, she let me into the circle of trust."

"Is that a fact? You know, Jamie, far be it for me to get between a.... But, there are a lot of layers to Lorna that — "

"Okay, I'm going to leave now."

"Wait," Morgan pulled Jamie back, forcing the elevator to depart without him. "I'm sorry, that was a real dick move on my part. I apologize. I was just caught off guard, that's all. Fact is, Lorna was the one determined to keep things hush-hush; prevent Felicia from ordering wedding invitations and some kind of veil for her with a hat. Lorna and Felicia, they can get a little combative discussing hats. It's very odd. Not that Lorna and I would ever do anything as fancy as what Felicia would organize anyway. Quick zip to city hall. That's how we did it."

"Did it?"


Morgan puts Jamie to the test, Carl offers Marley a new way to look at her relationship with Grant and Donna, Jen sees through Steven, Matt refuses to back down over Allie, and Lila ponders the opportunity to get back at Amanda and Kevin by reviving a classic Bay City feud!

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