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GQ Todd, biological father of Mindy and Rick's adopted son, Hudson Lewis Bauer, held a press conference announcing his intention to seek full custody. (Read more about it at: ).

Phillip offered to help Rick and Mindy keep Hudson - the Spaulding way. Mindy was leery but, much to her surprise, Rick told Phillip to do anything he had to. Even if it meant asking the question, "What Would Alan Do?"

When Mindy questioned Rick about his willingness to be ruthless, he exploded, "Look where being Mr. Nice Guy has gotten me: Mel's got Leah convinced I'm out to ruin her social life, Harley swept Jude off to Greece, and don't think I don't know what they call me at the hospital. Dr. Death. You want to know why I have the highest mortality rate? Because I take patients other doctors give up on. Nice Guy Rick, Good Guy Rick, just dump everything on him, he won't complain. Well, I'm sick of it. Hudson is our son. We did everything the way we were directed. And still we got screwed. I think it's about time we fought back. Phillip knows what he's doing. I say let him."

Later, Mindy confessed to Billy that the situation with Hudson had forced her to think more about her own biological mother, Rose, and how Rose didn't actually want to give Mindy up.

"What if we do win? And then, ten years from now, fifteen, twenty, forty, it doesn't matter, Hudson finds out what we did and how we did it? And that he had a father who wanted him all along. How is he going to feel?"

"I don't know," Billy asked, "How do you feel?"

"I don't know. Rick is convinced that fighting for Hudson is the right thing. We're the only parents he knows, we love him."

"You've got your doubts, though."

"Not about loving Hudson, not about being his mother. But, about keeping him.
I can't tell Rick. He says he's already lost enough family. I can't let him down."

"Even if it means letting Hudson down?"
Billy wondered.

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