Friday, October 29, 2010


When Terri Colombino (then Conn) auditioned for As The World Turns in 1998, it was for the role of Georgia, Sam's long-lost daughter and Lucinda's even longer-lost niece.

Jaime Dudney (daughter of country legend Barbara Mandrell) got the part, instead. (Where is Jaime now? Teaching acting back home in Nashville!)

But, the ATWT producers were so impressed with Terri that they created the role of teen-age troublemaker Katie especially for her. (Which was a neat trick, as Margo and Craig's baby sister was only born in 1989 and had, in fact, been played by Anne Sward's (Lyla) real life daughter, Cori Ann Hansen, for five - mostly unseen - years.)

The soap wasn't Terri's television debut, however. She'd already appeared on the television series, Breaker High, below:

And for a look back at Katie and Brad's classic, laugh out loud wedding...

Where is Terri now? About to debut as Aubrey on One Life to Live!

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