Sunday, October 17, 2010


In 1984, As The World Turns was auditioning young actresses for the newly created role of Lucinda Walsh's pre-teen, tomboy daughter, Lily. (She was slated to become a love interest for John Dixon's ward, Dusty Donovan.)

Ultimately, it came down to two actresses, Lucy Deakins and Martha Byrne. Byrne's biggest credit up to that point was the low-budget, cult classic movie, Anna to the Infinite Power, which she made at age 12. (See trailer below.)

Deakins got the job. She also, shortly after, got offered the lead in a feature film, The Boy Who Could Fly. But, ATWT wouldn't let Deakins out of her contract. So the movie's director continued auditioning other young actresses - including Martha Byrne who, in later years, would recall that even while she was trying out, the director kept talking about really wanting Lucy Deakins.

Eventually, Deakins left Oakdale to do the The Boy Who Could Fly anyway. (Below)

And the producers went with their original second choice for the role of Lily Walsh... Martha Byrne.

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